The Top 10 Wealthiest Wrestlers in The World: A Look at Their Staggering Assets

I’m excluding Mr. McMahon and his family because it is blatantly obvious that they would be No. 1 since they write the checks for WWE. McMahon has undertaken a number of ventures in his career, including restaurants, bars, and even the XFL that have all become non-existent.

While WWE was worth more money in the late 90s and early 2000s, McMahon’s fortune still continues to mount, as he is worth $1 billion.

Chris Jericho: $18 Million

World's richest wrestlers: top 10 assets

Chris Jericho is renowned for having a wide range of skills. He has made a tonne of money thanks to his diverse skill set.

In addition to the substantial contracts he signed with the WWE in 1999 and again in 2007, Jericho is the lead singer of a well-known rock band, the author of two New York Times bestsellers, and an actor who has featured on Dancing with the Stars.

Jericho appears to have no limits because he is becoming well-known in society, which will only lead to greater possibilities in the future.

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Big Show: $20 Million

World's richest wrestlers: top 10 assets

The Big Show began his career in professional wrestling in 1999 and has been involved for over 20 years. During WrestleMania, he participated in a high-profile match with boxer Floyd Mayweather that resulted in a sizable payday.

He has also appeared in several additional films and is the leader of his own full-length film, Knucklehead. The Big Show’s career may be coming to an end, but at least he still has all that money.

JBL: $20 Million

It’s incredible to consider that this person’s initial positioning on the card was as Justin “Hawk” Bradshaw. Bradshaw was able to turn himself into JBL, based on his actual financial success, by making a number of gimmick adjustments.

As the WWE Champion, he was able to participate in a series of high-profile contests that resulted in substantial payouts. He owns his own brand of energy drinks and frequently appears on Fox News.

JBL demonstrates how persistence and diversity can result in financial success both inside and outside of the ring.

John Cena: $80 Million

World's richest wrestlers: top 10 assets

The Big Show and JBL both presently have the same net worth, however, John Cena has the biggest potential. He hasn’t even been wrestling for ten years, yet he already serves as the WWE’s public face.

At the previous seven WrestleMania events, he competed in the main event, and his merchandise is in high demand. Also, he transitioned into feature films like 12 Rounds and The Marine, which brought in large paychecks.

If he can follow in the footsteps of Rock and Stone Cold Steve Austin, Cena has the potential to become a major celebrity in Hollywood.

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Mick Foley: $14 Million

World's richest wrestlers: top 10 assets

Foley, who was previously exclusively recognized as the supreme authority on hardstyle wrestling, did an amazing job of elevating his profile. Foley is the epitome of determination, even if he had to put his life and safety in danger to succeed.

Foley is active in various mainstream media projects in addition to penning many New York Times best-selling novels and appearing in a number of wrestling documentaries.

Even though Foley’s workload with TNA has significantly decreased, he is still making enough money to support himself for the rest of his life.

Triple H: $150 Million

World's richest wrestlers: top 10 assets

The heir to the throne. If, as many believe, Triple H eventually rises to become the president of WWE, he will one day be worth a hell of a lot more than this.

He has been in the wrestling business for close to 20 years, which has significantly increased his earning potential; he frequently holds the WrestleMania title and is a significant source of revenue.

He also made the leap to film with The Chaperone, and for a while, it was thought that he would portray Thor in the big-budget film adaptation of The Avengers. Although Triple H currently ranks fifth, he will likely be at the top of the list in ten years.

Hulk Hogan: $25 Million

World's richest wrestlers: top 10 assets

Maybe the biggest name ever produced by WWE is Hulk Hogan. Hogan is well-known throughout the entire world for his unique red and yellow boa.

Unfortunately for Hogan, he was the primary star in wrestling throughout the 1980s, a time when big money wasn’t a factor.

Hogan earned a large sum of money in the 1990s and 2000s, but his best years were behind him, preventing him from being ranked first. Also, Hogan’s divorce cost him half of his wealth, which is not helpful.

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Undertaker: $34 Million

The Streak is apparently worth more than you may imagine. Since joining WWE in 1991, The Undertaker has devoted his entire life to making it a big success.

His greatest contribution to wrestling is that he consistently draws large crowds, even without a title belt, which is something that many other wrestlers would find impossible.

Even while The Undertaker hasn’t made a substantial move into movies or other endeavors, his 20-year streak of constant attendance has more than compensated for this.

Stone Cold Steve Austin’s $30 Million

World's richest wrestlers: top 10 assets

Austin still earns a tonne of money despite not competing in wrestling for eight years. Austin has several cash streams that make him a very wealthy guy, whether it be the numerous WWE appearances he still makes, the significant product sales he earns, or the films he stars in, like The Expendables.

One of the most popular performers in WWE history, Stone Cold helped launch the Attitude Period, which brought the company immense financial success. Since that Austin is the second-richest active wrestler, he obviously received a sizable portion of the pie.

The Rock: $800 Million

"The Top 10 Wealthiest Wrestlers in the World: A Look at Their Staggering Assets" World's richest wrestlers: top 10 assets

The Rock was able to transcend his success in the WWE to mainstream cinema, something that the majority of current celebrities hope they can achieve.

In a variety of films, including Walking Tall, The Scorpion King, Gridiron Gang, The Tooth Fairy Faster, and the forthcoming Fast Five, The Rock has starred as the lead.

Whatever your opinion of the Disney films he has appeared in, the reality is that Disney pays, and they pay generously. He is a legitimate movie star.

The Rock might soon reach a net worth of $100 million thanks to his comeback to professional wrestling, a hefty payday at WrestleMania 28, and his potential to become the next big action hero in movies.