Writing Tools for Students

What do you think makes a student score high marks in essays and assignments or secure admission to a prestigious or Ivy League college? Basically, it would be submitting quality papers. But, how do you achieve this success? You must ensure that your grammar is flawless, the content is original (plagiarism-free), and the sentences are well-structured. Due to time constraints of managing work-life responsibilities and studying, it is impossible for any person to achieve these goals without relying on free online writing tools. Ideally, you are underperforming academically or failing to attain a certain grade point average (GPA) because you are reluctant to use some or all of these software. 

Top Online Writing Tools for Students in College


After writing and proofreading a paper, do you think someone can find and correct all grammar mistakes? We all agree that humans are prone to error even if they are attentive. For that reason, you will definitely make mistakes while writing an essay or composing an email for official or business purposes. It is even challenging for someone to realize mistakes such as typo errors, subject-verb disagreements, missing or incorrect use of punctuations, or sentence fragments. As one of the writing tools for students, how does it help you solve this issue?

This writing assistant highlights sentences or texts with issues undermining engagement, correctness, and clarity. For instance, it would suggest an alternative for a misspelled word. By offering synonyms or highlighting repetitions, you can improve the vocabulary of your paper. However, this aspect hardly benefits medical students as Grammarly barely recognizes words based on Greek or Latin. Besides the suggestion, you will have an opportunity to undertake mini grammar lessons by clicking more (usually denoted with ellipsis points). By using this writing assistant, be sure your grammar will be flawless.


What do learning institutions consider to be a serious academic offense? Definitely, it is plagiarism and has severe consequences such as failing or repeating the course. Despite the availability of different types of this academic misconduct, most students end up submitting a paper with high similarity. However, you can either deliberately or unintentionally plagiarize a section of your paper. The professor or instructor might never determine the motive of you submitting a write-up with higher similarity but consider it to be intellectual dishonesty. 

One of the best online writing tools for students to save you from this repercussion would be using Turnitin. This software would highlight sections with high similarity, which you can rephrase or cite appropriately. However, you should ensure your Turnitin does not save the paper in the repository. 

Google Scholar

How do you write a plagiarism-free paper? Your answer would be proper paraphrasing and citing of information. To achieve these objectives, you must know how to get materials. With the advent of the Internet, it is unlikely for anyone to use printable or traditional sources. The only challenge would be finding scholarly journals, conference papers, and books for your assignment. So, in this case, what should you do?

The best approach would be using key terms to search for sources in Google scholar. For instance, you can use “climate change effect” on this online database to retrieve journals and books about the environmental implication of climate change in the 21st century. It is important to note that some sources are freely accessible while others require a subscription before accessing them. Although they might contain errors, some students tend to find google scholar helpful in creating reference entries. 

All in one 

Considering the high cost associated with monthly or annual subscriptions for Grammarly, Turnitin, and purchasing some journals or books on google scholar, even if you want to complete a single paper or write an application letter, you might want to seek professional essay help from an online writing service e.g. CustomWritings.

So, what should you expect from this custom essay writing service? Ideally, it would be best if you never worried about high expenses to attain high grades in college. With customer care working 24/7, you need to place an order via their website and relax. A quality expert would complete your assignments or essays from scratch because they can access recent sources from online databases. Before you get your paper, the support team will run it via anti-plagiarism software to enhance your experience. Another good thing with this company concerns a well-outlined, crystal clear refund policy at any writing stage to protect your interests.   

Purdue writing lab

Can you master all referencing and citation rules of each formatting style? It is impossible. Most universities outline their referencing and citation rules. However, you might be required to learn by yourself when writing personal statements or admission essays. In this case, what will you do?

The first step would be to conduct a quick search on the Internet. However, you will get enormous information, which is likely to be confusing. For that reason, you require a reliable website to use as a benchmark. This article recommends using the Purdue writing lab unless the school specifies the exact website or source. 

5 Digital Writing Tools for Students in Elementary Schools 

1. ReadWriteThink

From the name, what comes to your mind? Definitely, three things in one. As one of the writing tools for elementary students, you will be sure to learn three skills. The tasks you can perform with this software include storyboarding, creating comics, and developing business letters on templates. 

2. Google Docs

Since students in elementary schools require mentoring in writing, they should consider using google docs. For instance, a pupil can share the link with the teacher for editing. An instructor can leave comments for viewing and even chat with the learner. Such collaborative interactions mirror google docs as one of the indispensable writing technology tools for elementary students. 

3. Word Counter 

Elementary students struggle with the choice of words and vocabulary when writing persuasive and argumentative essays. Such pupils should consider using a word counter to eliminate this problem. In particular, this tool estimates how many times you have used vocabulary in the paper. With time, a student would be the best in essay writing. 

4. Poetry Forge

While elementary schools strive to expose students to different subjects, some find some disciplines challenging. For instance, most pupils perceive poetry to be complicated. However, by using Poetry Forge, a student will likely change his or her perception. 

5. Citation Machine

Rather than using the Purdue writing lab for referencing and citing like college students, pupils at the elementary level should consider relying on a citation machine. What you have to do would be entering the title or link of a website on the search engine. The inbuilt software in the Purdue writing lab would generate the reference entry with corresponding citations.  

Top writers or those aspiring to reach such levels utilize these writing tools. However, students require only one in all solutions to achieve academic excellence.