Best Xbox Black Friday 2022 Deals: What To Expect

Microsoft’s console is dominating this generation already. With a healthy stock and a cheaper option, as well as Game Pass, here’s what we expect to roll around this Black Friday.

Microsoft is back on top this time around with the Xbox Series X and S after what felt like numerous errors during the Xbox One era.

It has a tonne of third-party games available in addition to some fantastic exclusives that are ready to play. What makes these two consoles stand out the most?

Play Pass.

Black Friday Deals For Game Pass: What To anticipate

Even if Game Pass is not on sale, it is still likely the greatest value available. For a monthly price, it adds a tonne of games to your console (and PC), including EA Play if you choose the Ultimate subscription.

But if it happens at all, we don’t anticipate Game Pass to be lowered by much. The subscription business generates substantial revenue, but it routinely offers promotions like “first month for a dollar.” We do anticipate seeing packages with Game Pass discounted.

Black Friday Xbox Console Deals: What To Look Out For

The Xbox Series S essentially functions as a jukebox for any games that pass through it. The best part is that it plays any modern game for a quarter of the price of the Xbox Series X. It’s a little, white box that fits neatly in any media center.

The cost of the Xbox Series S has already been reduced in several areas, including Microsoft.

However, Series X might be a different story.

Similar to the PS5, Microsoft’s flagship console is in stock a little more regularly, but it continues to sell well even when it is fully paid for. The console won’t likely go on sale by itself over the holiday season.

Additionally, even with the PS5’s price hike, purchasing an Xbox this holiday season is still more affordable.

We’ll be on the lookout for any packages and minor savings that we come across. In all honesty, Greatest Buy, which consistently outperforms itself, will be the best spot to keep your eyes riveted to.

Best Xbox Switch Game Offers: What To Anticipate

The games are where we’ll see the vast majority of sales, just as with all the other manufacturers. Expect Sony’s digital offerings to be significantly reduced this holiday season as Microsoft is eager to ruin Sony’s chances.

Microsoft has consistently produced respectable sales where it matters, offering most games from the current and previous generations at pricing that encourages full investment.

However, keep an eye on the Xbox games because it can be more advantageous for you to get Game Pass than your own copy. However, occasionally a game that you purchase through Game Pass doesn’t include the DLC you would have wanted.

Call of Duty or Blizzard titles won’t be available on Game Pass this year, though, as the 2023 merger is being investigated by UK watchdogs and isn’t expected to be finished until well into next year.

The Best Black Friday Deals We Want To See Are On Xbox Accessories

Microsoft operates somewhat differently from Sony in that they offer a huge selection of first-party controllers at usually lower prices. Microsoft discounts its many Xbox controller models during each significant sale during black Friday.

Naturally, the prices of all the third-party controllers and other accessories to make using the console more convenient will also be reduced.

You won’t need to spend hours perusing Amazon to get the correct one since we’ll make sure to sift through the sand to discover the gold.

Because the Seagate storage extension cards are made of Fast media, a crazily costly storage option utilized in video production, we don’t anticipate them to be discounted.

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