Xiaomi invades the world with 27 stores open a day!

It’s not news to anyone that Xiaomi loves to open new stores, but this year the Chinese giant managed to surpass all expectations.

Through a publication on its official blog, the store shared images of the opening of its latest store in Shenzhen, thus achieving a total of 10, stores only in China. This number is simply unbelievable. Over the past few years, we have seen the brand invest heavily in the opening of physical stores in Europe, with Portugal being one of the countries it has focused on this year.

However, it is not difficult to see that the level of investment in your country it is on a much higher level. In addition to representing the opening of store No. thousand, this is also the first Xiaomi Store 4.0, a new concept that aims to elevate the experience of the manufacturer’s fans.

Xiaomi Loja China

Xiaomi Store 4.0 brings new design and new ideals

The manufacturer revealed that it has as one of its current goals to expand the presence of these new Xiaomi Store 4.0 to various territories, being one of its “weapons” to be able to stand out from its rivals.

These new stores feature a futuristic design and minimalist, having as strengths the fact that they completely occupy an independent building and never less than 542 meters squares of space. With these conditions, Xiaomi has all the possibilities to exhibit its products and create unique experience areas for its customers.

In addition to the record established with the opening of the new store in Shenzhen, the manufacturer it also revealed new trade policies. They will start accepting unconditional product returns within 7 days of purchase, and immediate exchanges within 04 days when manufacturing defects occur.

These new developments have been confirmed for the Chinese market, and it has not yet been confirmed whether they will also be implemented in Europe .

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