Xiaomi: Record sales of one of your gadgets impress the brand

Xiaomi is one of the manufacturers in the world that offers the widest range of products on the market, being present in virtually all electronics markets, and much more. Now, the Chinese giant has unveiled the impressive sales figures of one of its most popular gadget lines.

According to a post on the social network Weibo, they said that the line of electric rice cookers — Mi Home Rice Cooker — has already surpassed the mark of million units sold.

Although not all models are available, you can easily purchase one of Xiaomi’s electric rice cookers in Portugal. Through Amazon Spain, you can buy the Xiaomi Mi Rice Cooker for 99,129 euros.

Xiaomi electric rice plants celebrate more than millions sales

As with many of the gadgets released in the most varied categories, Xiaomi’s complete family of electric rice cookers is only available in China. In this market, at least 6 different models are available:

Mijia Smart Rice Cooker

Mijia Pressure 1H Rice Cooker 1S

Mijia Smart Rice Cooker Micro Pressure Edition

Mijia Smart 1H Rice Cooker

Mijia Rice Cooker C1

Mijia Smart Electric Pressure Cooker

With regard to the model available in Portugal, Mi Rice Cooker has a capacity of 3 liters, power of 1100W and heating through induction. In addition to the electric rice cooker, you will be able to count on a range of basic accessories including a rice spoon, soup spoon, measuring cup and cooking support.

If in times past the many gadgets sold by Xiaomi made many users afraid, nowadays the scenario is quite different. The manufacturer managed to win the trust of users thanks to the constant high quality of its products, as well as an attractive price/quality ratio.

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