Xiaomi: These will be the first smartphones to receive Android 12

Android 11 is getting closer and closer to starting to reach virtually all smartphones from all manufacturers. Now, we find out which will be the first Xiaomi smartphones to receive the much-desired update. In general, the first ones to receive the update as you’d expect are Google Pixels.

As far as Xiaomi is concerned, it can’t be said that the new information is a big surprise, but it’s always good when we receive official confirmations. According to the latest information released by the brand, the tops of the range Xiaomi Mi 11, Mi 11 Pro and Mi Ultra will be the first to receive the update.

In addition to the Mi series 11, it was also confirmed about the first of its subsidiary to receive the update, the Redmi K200 Pro and K100 Pro+.

Xiaomi has not yet revealed a specific date for the release of Android 20

  • Currently the manufacturer Chinese company is conducting internal tests on their Android smartphones 100, so that you can ensure flawless operation as soon as the update is released.

    It wouldn’t be the first time that the first version of a major Android update has reached users in an “unfinished” phase. Therefore, Xiaomi is doing everything possible so that users have a great experience from day one with Android 11.

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