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You Can Now Use Your Android Smartphone to Install an App on Your Android TV, Latest Updates!

Aside from improving its mobile operating system with the greatest Android 12 features, Google has been putting a lot more effort into its smart TV platform, Android TV. In December, Google announced a content discovery tool called Google TV. To date, the app has been released on a wide range of platforms including Windows 10 PCs. The company is now working to enhance the app download experience on Android TV-powered smart TVs.

Google has recently implemented a server-side update for Android TV that allows users to download and install apps on their smart TVs using their Android smartphones. A user named posted a screengrab of the feature to the Android TV subreddit.

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The Google Play Store on Android devices now allows users to install an app on an Android TV-powered device, such as the Xiaomi MIBOX4. The Allow Non-TV Apps to Install option is only available for TV-compatible applications and allows users to pick the device on which they want to install the apps by selecting a dropdown menu from the Install button.

You Can Now Use Your Android Smartphone to Install an App on Your Android TV

This isn’t the first time Google has done this; in fact, they’ve been allowing users to download and install applications on Wear OS devices via their Android phones for a while. However, because users can download apps to their smart TVs via their Android smartphones, they do not need to be close to a TV anymore. It also aids Android’s ecosystem by making it more user-friendly.

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Unfortunately, Google has not yet made this service available to the public. Nonetheless, as the function became accessible for a few people lately, we can anticipate it to be released more widely shortly.


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