Zion Williamson Weight Loss: NBA fans are shocked by Zion Williamson’s drastic body change!

Zion Williamson, formerly of the Duke Blue Devils, has struggled to stay in shape ever since being drafted No. 1 overall by the New Orleans Pelicans in 2019. This is in large part due to injuries that have kept him off the court and out of the weight room. Williamson’s contract includes a clause that requires him to maintain a certain level of physical fitness. His conditioning shouldn’t be an issue this year, at least based on how he looked at the team’s media day on Monday.

Williamson appeared at the team’s media day with a noticeably reduced frame. He also noted that his physical condition has improved greatly since he began training during the offseason.

“I feel like I’m at my best right now,” Williamson said of his fitness level. In a hurry, but able to make a vertical leap. Excellent, in fact.

Williamson’s drastic physical change elicited a wide range of responses from NBA fans and commentators.

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The nutritionist Damien Bartonek had the most notable response, calling himself “in awe of Zion Williamson’s weight transformation.”

I find Zion Williamson‘s weight loss to be nothing short of remarkable. My fervent wish is that we hear from his trainer and/or nutritionist in some capacity. “I’d be interested to see his diet and the caloric deficit that allowed him to lose that much fat,” Bartonek wrote on Twitter.

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It’s easy to see that Williamson has developed greatly. Williamson has made numerous attempts to dispel the myth that he is unfit, but this ought to settle the issue once and for all.