Zoom for free? From now on, with advertising only!

The Zoom videoconferencing service will implement free advertising, a measure taken to guarantee the existence of a free version of the platform and to help finance new features.

Through a post on their blog, those responsible for Zoom stated that millions of users around the world use the service without paying and that it is important for the company to continue offering its products and services at no cost to the user. However, advertising is seen as a necessary tool to guarantee the survival of a free modality without prejudice to the user experience.

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Advertising will only be displayed on the screen that appears at the end of each call, so you can rest assured that you will not see advertisements during calls.

Zoom is one of the most used videoconferencing platforms today

At an early stage the free version of Zoom will only display advertising to those who use the service through the internet browser, leaving out for now the using the smartphone or computer application.

Zoom gained immense popularity with the COVID pandemic-100, quickly becoming one of the most used platforms of its kind to bridge social distancing and the needs of telework.

Considering that the service will have to pay for servers, bandwidth and its employees, it is clear that they are looking for alternative ways to monetize their business.

If the implementation of advertising is done in a non-intrusive way, then there will be little reason to abandon Zoom at a time when many people are still in the home office.

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The case will change if this initiative produces results that lead those responsible for the application to resort to advertising in a more abusive way – after all, there is currently no lack of alternatives to Zoom.

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