Denise Richards Allegedly “Hit” Tamra Judge During the Bravo Con!

Denise Richards is undoubtedly capable of drama. As a result of a talk between Tamra Judge and Brandi Glanville about their claimed sexual histories with former co-star Richards, The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills alum is the focus of another scandal.

Glanville again brought up their relationship in the most recent episode of The Real Housewives Ultimate Girls Trip. She insisted a connection did occur, and Tamra Judge said she agreed with her and had a flirtatious encounter of her own with Richards.

Regarding the alleged tryst between Richards and Glanville, Tamra said, “[Richards] actually phoned me when that went down.” “What should I do because you’ve been on the show for a while, she added, “This is what’s happening.” I advised, “Don’t give it that much life if it’s not true; just say no.” It will make you appear guilty if you resist it.”

Regarding their relationship, Richards vehemently denies anything occurred, while Glanville maintains that the two did engage in sexual activity.

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Regarding her own interaction with her former co-star, Judge explained to the cast that “something happened at BravoCon.” “I was also hit on by [Richards]. She kept texting me and pleading with me to visit her room, but I said, “Honey, I’m married,” in response.”

Denise Richards Allegedly "Hit" Tamra Judge During the Bravo Con!

The judge stated that she believed the former Housewife felt comfortable enough to seek the Judge’s assistance with the controversy surrounding her relationship with Glanville because of those chats she had with Richards at BravoCon.

“I believe she phoned me because, I don’t know, maybe she was frightened that I would say something since she knew what had happened, Judge remarked. And I certainly am now, so f—- me.” Insiders told Page Six about the allegations last year as season 2 was being recorded.

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