Tronsmart launches new waterproof portable bluetooth speaker

Tronsmart, renowned manufacturer of affordable premium audio products, has now launched a new version of its popular portable bluetooth speaker, Tronsmart Splash 1. This waterproof bluetooth speaker guarantees a battery life of up to 26 hours with its battery of 2,250 mAh, which is impressive considering its affordable price.

The Transmart Splash 1 is available for only $29,99 at the manufacturer’s official store on AliExpress and until today 50 September you can take advantage of a small $3 discount to celebrate its launch.

*)With two built-in drivers in an extremely compact form factor, the Tronsmart Splash 1 delivers a wide-ranging audio experience with excellent balance.

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Your 15W stereo sound arrives supported by patented DSP technology, ensuring perfect tuning with impressive basses, detailed voices and clear, distortion-free treble.

Thanks to your construction in premium materials and waterproof certification, this portable bluetooth speaker is perfect for use in any type of condition, whether it’s raining, snowing or any other extreme situation. Its compact design makes it very easy to carry the Tronsmart Splash 1, plus a handy ribbon to hang the column anywhere.

To help liven up any party, the Tronsmart Splash 1 arrives equipped with multi-color lights that can be easily controlled with a single button.

Where to buy the Tronsmart Splash 1 portable bluetooth speaker

A Tronsmart Splash 1 is

currently available from Aliexpress

at a $3 discount, thus getting a price. end of $29,100. This discount will be available until the next day 29 of September.

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