What Is the Reason and Secrets Behind Sean Rigby’s Drastic Weight Loss?

The entertainment and film industry has advanced significantly. Even if the entertainment industry has made progress in practically other areas, it is still quite disheartening to see that body image is still heavily analyzed and condemned.

Popular English actor Sean Rigby has recently been the subject of debates about his body image and the physical alterations he has undergone. 

Sean Rigby became well-known for his performance as detective sergeant Jim Strange in the television detective drama series Endeavour and its predecessor Inspector Morse.

Rigby stunned his audience by making an appearance in one of the episodes of season 8 of the show, where he was said to have dropped about 87 pounds. The subject of debate is Sean Rigby’s weight loss rather than the drama in the series’ premise.

Sean Rigby Weight Loss: Surprising Weight Loss in Endeavour as Strange

sean rigby weight loss

In the most recent season, viewers noticed Sean Rigby’s weight loss and slimmer figure. After watching him in Endeavour as Strange, his audience notes that he has lost a significant amount of weight. 

Even some of Sean’s supporters thought that he was someone else. They assumed that he had substitute actors when they noticed he wasn’t as overweight as before.

The reason behind his weight loss is that his doctor advised him that he had high cholesterol levels as a result of being overweight. He then started an eating plan focusing on nutritious meals in order to get back in shape.

In a short period of time, he went from being overweight to losing 87 pounds, which reduced him to half the size he previously was.

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What Inspired Sean Rigby for This Drastic Weight Loss?

sean rigby weight loss

Sean Rigby has been honest about his difficulties with his weight, admitting that he was always overweight as a child and battled yo-yo dieting throughout his teenage years and early twenties. 

He didn’t decide to seriously devote himself to his health and fitness until he got the part on “Call the Midwife” in 2014. Rigby clarified that he was driven to tone down by the need to represent his character on the show. 

He desired greater self-assurance as well as the ability to keep up with his co-stars while running around. Sean Rigby started working out with a personal trainer and eating a healthy diet in order to lose weight. He stopped consuming alcohol, processed meals, and carbohydrates in favor of whole, nutrient-dense foods.
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Additionally, Rigby made sure to stay active by including both cardio and weight training in his fitness regimen. Sean Rigby’s dedication to making long-lasting lifestyle adjustments was one of the factors that contributed to his weight loss achievement. 

Rigby concentrated on making tiny, regular changes that he could sustain over the long term rather than aiming to reduce weight rapidly or adhering to a difficult diet.

Sean Rigby: Everything to Know About His Career

sean rigby weight loss

Sean even went through the audition process to play DC Gray in the Inspector Morse spin-off series Lewis, but after getting the job on Endeavour, he was unable to continue with the other project.

James Grout originally portrayed the character of Strange in the Inspector Morse series, and actor Sean claimed he made an effort to imitate the actor’s voice in his own performance.

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With a total of 32 episodes to date, the actor’s appearance in Endeavour is his most notable role to date. His other roles have appeared in the BBC television show Gunpowder, The Baby Shower, Isabella, and Crossing Seas, among others.

According to Lifestyle UG, Sean’s amazing makeover in 2021 after he reportedly lost 87lb (39.4kg) surprised Endeavour viewers.
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His character last made an appearance in the season eight finale, helping Thursday and Endeavour in a dangerous case involving a local asylum and a violent gang in Terminus.