Ron De Santis’ Weight Loss Secrets Revealed: The Surprising Truth About His Diet and Fitness Routine!

Since 2019, Ronald Dion DeSantis, a former military officer, and politician, has been Florida’s 46th governor. DeSantis served as Florida’s 6th congressional district’s Republican representative in the U.S. House of Representatives from 2013 to 2018.

DeSantis, who was born in Jacksonville, lived in Dunedin for the majority of his formative years. Both Yale University and Harvard Law School awarded him degrees. DeSantis enlisted in the US Navy in 2004 and advanced to the rank of lieutenant before helping SEAL Team One with legal matters.

Ron Desantis Weight Loss

ron desantis weight loss

Gov. Ron DeSantis of Florida shared his secret to looking trim, and it’s not the diabetes medication Ozempic, which has been repurposed for weight loss.

As he considers a 2024 presidential bid, DeSantis told Piers Morgan that he has been following a “good regimen” that includes cutting out sugar and carbohydrates.

The biggest problem, according to the Florida Republican, is sugar. Because your body burns fat when you consume sugar while burning sugar when you do not. So long as you’re exercising and eating somewhat well, you’re doing well.

A politician is likely to seek office, or in this case, the presidency, if they lose weight. For instance, Mike Pompeo, the former secretary of state, fueled rumors that he will run in the GOP primary for president in 2024 after seeing he had lost weight since leaving office.

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DeSantis’ diet saw results so swiftly that Puck News suggested he might be using Olympic last week. One insider in Tallahassee told Puck, “He’s a shell of his former self.”

Florida Politics publisher Peter Schorsch stated on Twitter on Thursday that DeSantis is not participating in the Olympics “even if the rest of Tally and Miami is.”

There is a rumor going around that Ronnie D. has cut out all carbohydrates, including bread and sweets. wrote Schorsch. Schorsch’s account was supported by Morgan’s interview.

DeSantis, however, also admitted to Morgan that he does not recall eating chocolate pudding carelessly with three fingers, as The Daily Beast had previously reported.

The governor laughed and remarked, “I don’t remember ever doing that.” Maybe when I was younger, but it’s remarkable how many people have strong arguments to use against you, such as “You’re a crook,” “You did this,” and “You did that,” he added.

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ron desantis weight loss

“To me, they are discussing pudding.” I ask, “Is that the best you have to offer?” Bring it on, then. Added he. DeSantis, according to a former employee, would eat in front of colleagues while sitting in meetings, acting “always like a starving animal who has never eaten before… getting s**t everywhere.”

Puck also claimed that staff members used cupcakes to entice DeSantis into meetings. And according to Puck, he loves the fried chicken at the well-known southern fast-food business Zaxby’s. The slimdown might have been motivated by former President Donald Trump.

When DeSantis was elected governor of Florida in 2018, Trump claimed victory by calling him “fat” and “whiny,” according to journalist Maggie Haberman’s book Confidence Man.

Trump apparently also jokingly called DeSantis “meatball Ron,” but last week he told reporters he chose Ron “DeSanctimonious” instead because “meatball” was “too crude.” According to The Daily Caller, the former president claimed, “I’m a very non-crude individual.”